About FutureCorp

FutureCorp Consulting is a multifaceted service providing company based out of the Toronto Area, Canada. The list of our company’s services includes but is not limited to Life Sciences Consulting, Content Writing, Web Designing, E-commerce, Professional Training Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Customer/Client Acquisition, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Data Analytics, Business Advisory, Payroll Management, Staffing Solutions, Social Media and SEO to businesses throughout the world. We have specialized teams for every line of business who know how to get results efficiently.

FutureCorp Consulting’s dedication and business-driven approach is what separates FutureCorp from other Training and Consulting solutions providers. We try to understand the specific requirements of Our clients taking into account their line of business. The understanding between the clients and developer is the main element of our professional and successful web designing services.

Our training services set new benchmarks, as a result of which our customers get custom cost-effective, on-demand training solutions from us. Our training and consulting are effective and tailored to suit your specific needs by Experts who are prominent figures in the industry.

Our Commitment; The result

FutureCorp is a premier Global provider of training and skill development seminars, conferences, Marketing Services, Financial Services, Web Development, and expositions for professionals engaged in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Healthcare, Human Resources, Banking and Finance, Technology and Allied industries.

With collective experience of over 35 years, our commitment to providing quality service has made us the first choice to over 83,000 industry players from across the globe and from all professional levels to enjoy FutureCorp's services. Our track record shows that FutureCorp is one of the best quality professional training institutions throughout Canada, US, Latin America, Europe, Asia & Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

Meet the Management

Ricardo Eccleston


Ricardo brings immense knowledge and experience to Business Development.

Uttam Mandal


Uttam is a powerhouse of creativity. He brings realism to our vision

Ramesh Krishnan


Ramesh brings in consistency and meticulousness into Operations.