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FutureCorp Consulting

Welcome to 

FutureCorp Consulting

Future Corp Consulting provides compliance centric services and online training to organisations in the medical, healthcare and finance industries. 
About us
Your future in Compliance affairs doesnt always have to be a journey into the unknown. We believe that with correct foresight and planning, companies and compliance teams can equip themselves in a quickly moving regulatory landscape. 

Future Corp was established with an aim to provide compliance solutions to organisations in highly regulated industries. Our network of regulatory experts frequently work with companies on regulatory matters through onsite and digital training, as well as conferences. 
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Our Services

Compliance Webinars

Compliance Seminars

Onsite Training

ITes / BPM Services

Compliance Webinars
Stay updated on the latest policies and training in compliance for your industry, from the comfort of your workspace. Access webinar recordings from your course library for future reference.
Compliance Seminars and Conferences
Our industry experts go deeper and provide more comprehensive insights and developing trends on industry specific compliance. Meet and network with others from your industry while staying on top of things. 
Onsite Training
We understand that sometimes you need solutions that are tailored to your specific scenarios. Future Corp seeks to empower your compliance teams through onsite compliance related training. 



Industry Experts

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